Nakai Gakki Little-known manufacturer from Osaka, Japan, this company is responsible for the oddly named John Bennet badge. The Hummingbird Suzuki guitar was manufactured in the Kiso factory. Zim-Gar production was relatively short, as these were budget guitars made for K-mart between 1962 and 1968 dating a late 70s strat. Fujigen Gakki Fujigen Gakki began operation in 1960 as a classical guitar manufacturer, moving into the lucurative electric guitar markets in 1962. I have no idea what any given guitar from this period would sell for. This is one of the most frustrating questions from the MIJ collector. Yamaha/Nippon Gakki Founded in 1946, Yamaha is still going strong in the electric guitar market as a manufacturer.

For a brief period of time the company produced Yamaha acoustic guitars. Maruha made high-quality acoustics, some of which are badged F. Zen-On (see also Hayashi) Little known Japanese manufacturer who was out of business by 1968. It s interesting to note that Fresher guitars were eventually being produced by Chushin, which leads me to believe that they may have been an Association member along with Kyowa. My sole purpose is to help people looking specifically for information on the maker of their MIJ guitar. Suzuki is also credited with making the Canora and Takeharu badged guitars along with Marco Polo acoustics. You ll notice that Maya has been attributed to a company known as Tahara.

Fernandes produced guitars with the Burny and Nady badges as well as house brand Fernandes. Matsumoku made Arai, Aria, Aria Pro II and Aria Diamond badges, with Aria being their primary badge for a majority of this time frame. Over time, drum production was segmented to Pearl, while guitar contracts were taken up by Tama..
. These guitars are highly sought-after because of the overall quality. ...

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